Benefits Meet Modern Work.

Meridio is a benefits communication provider. We combine insurance
know-how with modern technology to reach people where they are.

We Connect People with Benefits.

Move Your Workforce Forward

Address the wide range of worklife challenges your people face

Optimize Your Benefits

We build carrier-agnostic product portfolios to drive better outcomes

Make Participation Convenient

We make access and communication easy for your people.

The New Work Order

The modern workforce has many personalities-flex, mobile, virtual, remote to name a few. The new world of work requires a people-first approach.

How We Deliver

We collaborate with brokers, carriers, and other third parties to maximize the impact of benefits.


We set out to understand your workforce’s needs. We translate those needs into the best opportunities for your people and your organization

By segmenting a workforce, we assemble relevant product offerings that solve pressing work-life problems for your people and protect their earnings.


Reaching people where they are today takes a service mindset. We construct a program of online and offline communication for each client. 

Making it easy for your people to connect with a benefits counselor requires a multi-channel game plan.  We establish clear touchpoints and engage employees to drive awareness.


Helping each employee make smart decisions takes insurance and people expertise. We deploy experienced teams from our national network of benefits counselors for every engagement.

We support your people and our professionals with a best-fit approach to benefits technology. We coordinate with our partners and your team to leverage the right combination of enrollment and benefits admin tools.


Benefits are a toolkit for better living. People need to know how to make the most of them. We set them up for success. 

Every initial rollout lays the foundation for claims education, support for benefits upgrades, and ongoing fulfillment as the workforce changes.

The Team

Our team has over 70 years experience improving the benefits impact of employers and protecting the earnings of working professionals.